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We offer stump grinding services for a wide variety of stumps including bushes and trees. The stump is ground up into small wood chips.

Our customers can choose to have the new mulch spread, removed/hauled away or to leave it on their property and take care of it themselves.

Stump and root removal includes the grinding of the actual root itself. While some customers opt to leave the root intact, most decide to have the entire root destroyed and removed from the ground.

Stump removal eliminates the entire root, making replanting easy. Another benefit is not having to worry about future root decay, this can take up to five years for average sized trees. 

After grinding the stump and/or root into shavings, you can opt to have the mulch reused for your yard or garden. 

Reusing your chippings as mulch will insulate your soil, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It also helps your soil retain moisture and prevent the germination of pesky weed seeds. It also makes the removal of weeds easier and helps your soil retain moisture!

After grinding the stump, a hole will be left where the stump was. We offer the option of filling the hole with screened topsoil. This is typically the best option as any clumps of dirt, rock and debris is removed or “filtered” out, making replanting a breeze!

Screened topsoil is recommended for areas that will be in direct sight, such as the front or backyard. If you are planning to plant anything where your stump was, including grass, we recommend screened topsoil as it will help seeds sprout evenly and more quickly.  

After grinding the stump, we can fill the hole leftover with unscreened dirt. Unscreened topsoil is “unscreened”, meaning it has not been sifted for rocks, dirt clumps and small debris.

This may be a good option for areas of your property that will not be utilized for replanting or in direct sight.

Ex: back yard along fencing and trees versus away from family members, kids or pets.

After the grinding is complete, you will be left with a lot of wood chips and debris. We offer haul away/removal services so you don’t have to worry about loading and getting rid of pounds of little wood chip shavings. 

We recommend having the mulch spread around your new property space as there are many benefits associated. Click on “Mulch Spread” to learn more.


We typically service a 60 mile radius around Little Chute, Wisconsin, depending on the size of your project. To find out more, contact us!

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